What’s the crack mate?

Most of us reckon our mates do more drugs than they actually do.

90 per cent of us think that other students have tried illegal drugs at university but almost half have never tried any form of narcotic.

The results come as part of a  ‘Student Beans’ survey. Editor Oliver Brann said: “Young people are very peer-led and if they think that all their friends are experimenting with drugs, they may be more likely to try it for themselves.”

Over half of the respondents admitted to taking drugs since they have been at university.

The survey also revealed that 66 per cent of respondents have been offered drugs at university, with 27 per cent  propositioned on campus.

Cannabis is the most commonly tried substance at uni. Ecstasy and MDMA come in second place, but less than a quarter have taken cocaine, Mephedrone and legal highs.

Author: Ellie Parkes

Photo: Claudia Legge

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