Charity on breast behaviour

Breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! is this week arriving in Leeds to promote their ‘CoppaFeel in the Shower’ campaign.

Sponsored by, the campaign aims for self-checking to become part of every student’s daily routine.

As CoppaFeel’s Founder and CEO Kristin Hallenga explains: “any time is good for boob time. To keep it simple, we’re reminding students to do it in the shower. No more excuses, you’re already starkers and your boobs need some attention!”

Dedicated student ambassadors known as ‘Uni Boob Team Leaders’ have been recruited at each of the 36 universities visited by CoppaFeel. Their role is to recruit a Boob Team and be a friendly reminder to students of the need to check your breasts regularly, be familiar with what they look and feel like normally, and know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Boob Teams will invite students to sign up to CoppaFeel!’s free SMS reminder service, sending free monthly reminders to check your boobs.

Kristin Hallenga said “By educating the young people of today, we can shape the future of breast cancer survival in times to come. Knowledge is power, this power will in turn save lives. I only wish that someone shared this knowledge with me.”

Boob Teams will be active all over campus, hosting activities to promote boob awareness. CoppaFeel! Day arrives on  October 26, with a special ‘Boob Love’ edition of Fruity Friday.

Words: Amy Howell

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