RAG’s speeding tickets

Between lectures, the library, and ‘Made In Chelsea’, there’s just not enough hours in the day to find that special someone. Where is the time to meet that attractive guy or girl you imagined would fall for you the second you arrived at university?

This Sunday at Massey’s Bookseller, you’ll finally get the opportunity to meet that special person at RAG Speed Dating 2012.  With 120 people already signed up to take part, this year is not one to miss.

If last year was anything to go by, RAG Speed Dating 2012 is bound to be a cracker. Leeds Student caught up with one of last year’s participants, Emi Eldridge. She told this paper, “I was wearing a sling at the time as I had a broken arm and 98% of the guys conversation starters were ‘so what have you done to your arm?’ I ended up removing my sling and shoving it behind me in an attempt to create some slightly more adventurous and flirty conversation!”

Another of last year’s speed daters, Lucy, said of the event, “Initially it was slightly awkward and conversations were dry, but you quickly grow in confidence and it’s great fun!”

All proceeds from the night will be donated to Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network (LASSN).

With advance tickets at £4.00 and tickets on the door £4.50, it would be foolish to miss the chance to meet ‘the one’, or even just to cry with laughter while practising your best chat-up lines.

Words: Eddie Cummings
Photo: Becki Bateman

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