Hallowe'en: When Did Sexy Become The New Scary?

We’ve arrived at that time of year again –the only time when it’s really socially acceptable to dress like a vampire, a ghost or even a pumpkin. But wait, why are those girls dressed in suspender tights and bunny ears? Since when did the concept of Halloween become about dressing sexy instead of scary? Each Halloween we can’t help but notice the decrease of scare-related costumes and instead the influx of PVC nurse outfits, skirts that could easily pass as a belt, and stiletto heels that would be better suited for pole dancing. The theme of Halloween appears to have been misconstrued somewhere along the way and it is now just seen as an excuse to dress sexy (or rather slutty, to put it bluntly).

As a lover of the traditional silly and scary costumes, seeing girls dressed in next to nothing just takes the fun out of Halloween. We’re all for the saying ‘trick or treat’ but come on girls, nobody looks a treat in PVC. (Oh and for the record, before anyone even tries to defend the sexy over scary look, adding a bit of fake blood as a feeble attempt at being Halloween-worthy doesn’t count. #justsaying.) If you really want to dress as a ‘dead’ bunny, an actual fluffy rabbit costume would be the more fitting attire. Let’s face it, those stockings and bunny ears make you look simply ridiculous rather than road-kill.

Are the norms of Halloween being forgotten? Unfortunately, it would appear so. We’d like to see more scary costumes out on the town this year, please! Coming face to face with a walking pumpkin is much more entertaining than encountering a slutty nurse. So what will you decide this Halloween – sexy or scary? Make sure you get it right…

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