No likey, no lighty


A third-year medic has enjoyed a whirlwind romance, courtesy of the ITV programme ‘Take Me Out’.

Fleur Cobley took to the studio as one of 30 women in the new series. Having turned down the first three men on the Saturday night programme, Fleur kept her light on for Chad Caruana, from Birmingham.

As a white van man living with his mum, Chad’s unusual hobby of bingo turned off the vast majority of the contestants, leaving only Fleur and two others with their lights left on.

Surprisingly, the geriatric hobby worked as the perfect ice-breaker between Fleur and Chad. After revealing that she shared a passion for random-number-grid-gambling, the trainee medic gushed “I’ve never been to a proper bingo hall, and I’d love it if you take me.”

In the second round, two friends of Chad presented a less than flattering portrayal of the bingo mad Brummie, telling the audience how he had once believed a Chicken Tikka to be a species of bird, rather than a curry.

As a result, two of the remaining women extinguished their lights.

Fortunately for Chad, student Fleur was not deterred and so secured a weekend away with him on the Isle of Fernando.

Despite an eventful two days of football and dauphinoise potatoes on the Mediterrenean destination, the two didn’t click and opted not to see each other again.

Speaking after the event, Chad expressed disappointment that the relationship had not gone further, and praised third-year Fleur as “beautiful and such a down to earth girl. […] we just had no spark, which was unfortunate.”

Words: Max Bruges

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