Tensions at Boyle-ing point in cluster bust-up

A fight broke out this week on the level 11 computer cluster of the Edward Boyle.
On Tuesday morning two students became embroiled in a punch up, according to students’ social media reports.
An eyewitness claimed to have seen “genuine punch up… a couple of big hits”. Describing the altercation online she said: “some guy was using his laptop in between two computers, [he must have] got in this other guy’s space and they just went for it!”
Another student posted to Twitter “there has genuinely just been a fight in the Edward Boyle library no lie”.
Stress levels among students are high at the moment, with deadlines building up and extra hours in the library becoming a necessity. The combined pressures of extra work and crowded computer clusters have been breeding tense situations at library computers.
The incident went unnoticed by library workers, seemingly being resolved by onlookers, with one student reporting “some random guy grabbed one of the guys and broke it up and this guy on his laptop just packed up and left calling the other one a pr*ck.”
Words: Ellie Parkes
Image: Leo Garbutt

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