Interview: Jack Burbage/Preview: Jack's After Party

During the Summer, Jack’s opened its doors for its debut festival.  Inspired by The Secret Garden Party, it combined art and music, creating a fantastic and colourful atmosphere.  The festival attracted 1000 people, keeping that intimate feeling but still creating a weird and wonderful atmosphere that made it stand out.  The festival was a huge success, as Jack put it himself: “The sun was shining, local cider was flowing, and the noise complaints were rolling in”.  Now the night is bringing itself up to Leeds, with sets from Harry Wolfman, Will Weaver, Ellis & King, Alphabet Pony + Vitamin P, DJ Shark Bait and Alex Barrett.  LS Clubs’ Victoria Barley caught up with the brains behind the festival, Jack Burbage, to hear how it came about and what the “After Party” in Leeds has in store…

LS: What made you want to set up a festival?
A few friends and I were sitting outside our local pub last summer when the idea came about.  I’m sure most would agree that not much goes on for people our age in the Garden of England.  A festival seemed like the perfect idea – a project to put free time and energy into throughout the year, as well as something to look forward to.  We were lucky to find a handsome location, ideal for what we had in mind.  Word quickly spread and I was surprised how many local businesses wanted to get involved and that’s how the festival took off.

LS: What’s so unique about your festival?
We want to be thought of more as a big party than a festival and this has been key to our planning and ideas from the beginning.  Drinks are reasonably priced, food is locally sourced and you won’t find yourself queuing for dirty toilets.  We have turned down sponsorship from some big brands and aim to keep it that way.  With the team’s combined age being less than that of the great Michael Levis himself we’ve had our fair share of obstacles.  However, as young organisers we’re able to bring our audience new musical talent from the university networks and even the local schools.

LS: What has the night in Leeds to offer?
We’ve found what we think to be a very unique venue in Leeds that will offer a different experience to other clubs.  This on top of a selection of very talented artists from all over the country promises a very special night.

LS: Is there a theme?
Not acceptable in public! We don’t want to see any normal clothes.  Whether you’re wearing your grandma’s old fur coat or your little brother’s power ranger costume, as long as it’s a bit of a head turner.

LS: What track sums up the night?
Bondax – “Baby I Got That”

Jack’s – The After Party is on Friday 9th November.  Full Circle is an intimate venue with limited space so get your ticket soon! Tickets sold at Ticket Arena – search “The After Party”

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words: Victoria Barley

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