Leeds Student fights crime


A mobile phone thief has been brought to justice, as a “direct result” of reporting by Leeds Student.

A story published by this paper last month appealed for information regarding two ‘Samaritan students’ who helped apprehend a man stealing phones at Mint nightclub.

Following the publication of the story in the 12 October edition of the paper, a man contacted West Yorkshire Police with eyewitness details of the Mint Club thief.

According to Neil Wardley, of West Yorkshire Police: “as a direct result of your article we had a male come forward and provide us with an account of what he believed took place. A friend had read the article in Leeds Student and mentioned it conversation. [The witness] then checked online and got in touch.”

The suspected thief, an 18-year-old man, is due to stand trial in Leeds Magistrates Court in March 2013.

Words: Max Bruges

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