Proposed smoking ban in the Terrace


Smoking could soon be banned outside the Terrace bar.
An idea submitted to the Better Union forum by Alex Ziff argues for an end to all smoking during the day in the terraced area to the rear of the Union building. Writing on the forum web page, Ziff says he hopes that the ban will transform “the terrace [into] a place to socialise during the day.”
Should Ziff’s idea be introduced, students would still be permitted to smoke “after 8pm and while there are nights on in the Union”.
The idea has proved controversial on the Better Union’s online discussion and in the forum meeting on Tuesday.
Although there is some support for the idea, the general consensus on the discussion page from both non-smoking and smoking students seems to be that the idea should be opposed.
Thomas Branson, commented that he thinks it is a “great idea” because “the University should take a leading role in this on-going debate and set an example in the community that we want to promote a healthy environment.”
However,  Ranvijaysinh Jhal said “outdoor sections of bars/clubs, such as terraces make for the ideal solution for smokers and non-smokers to be together at the same venue”.
Many concerns raised at the forum focused on the potential financial impact a ban could have: through both increased staffing costs and a decrease in the sale of cigarettes.
Third year Politics Society President, Matt Wright, who attended the meeting was concerned, saying, “If people cannot smoke in the Terrace, they will move to somewhere else, probably to the Union entrance.”
The ideas that are proposed are voted on by a panel made up of 16 randomly selected students.
Words: Gabriella Homes
Photo: James Greenhalgh

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