Have you seen this man?


A computerised image of a suspected Hyde Park burglar has been released by Leeds police.

The man allegedly stole from a student house on Royal Park Road on November 4 at 12.20am. The criminal, who entered the house via an unlocked door, was caught in the act by one of the students living at the property.

Despite being disturbed, the thief managed to steal multiple laptops, an iPad and a designer Paul Smith bag from the house. It is believed the burglar drove off with the items, as a vehicle was heard shortly after the incident.

The thief was described by the 19 year-old student who discovered him as white, stocky, around 5ft 10ins tall with brown shoulder length hair, and in his early twenties. He was alleged to look “like a druggy” and was wearing a black bomber jacket. The police have created an e-fit image resembling the burglar, based on the students description, in order to advance the search for this criminal.

The availability of e-fit technology allows police to provide a realistic image of the suspect to aid investigations, in the hope that the general public will be able to identify the suspect. It also hopes to act as a deterrent to thieves, therefore decreasing the number of future robberies.

The police are appealing for anyone who recognises the man to come forward. Anyone with any information regarding this crime is encouraged to contact Detective Constable Jonathon Carter at North West Leeds Proactive Crime Team via 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Words: Arabella Reeves

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