Local Talent: Nick Hannam

Nick Hannam (left) performs live with Tom Zanetti (right) at Insomnia, Mission

Local Talent is a new feature for Leeds Student this year, bringing attention to some of the most exciting new artists the city has to offer…

A wave of new Leeds-based producers have been coming through lately as part of the burgeoning jackin house scene, which has largely filled the void left by the decline of bassline in the north and midlands in recent times.

Like many other jackin producers, Nick Hannam fuses elements of UK garage rudeness with more contemporary electro elements, but all at a calm house groove.  Originally an MC himself, he’s caught a lot of attention this year for his tracks with larger than life Loiner MC Tom Zanetti, particularly ‘You Want Me’, surely jackin’s biggest anthem yet.

Compared to some of his peers, Hannam’s sound seems decidedly low-key, with new tracks like ‘Square 17’ consisting of a restrained bassline, soothing vocals and not much else, and even ‘You Want Me’ featuring a subdued two-note bassline for most of the song.  This isn’t to say he can’t make a bold banger too though: check out the chirpy Zanetti feature ‘Funky Madina’ for evidence of that.

Essential tracks:
‘You Want Me’ (w/ Tom Zanetti & Tom Garnett)
‘Thinking About You’
‘Funky Madina’ (w/ Tom Zanetti)

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photo: Nathan D’Amour

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