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Welcome to the House of Fun. Looking for something to do on a Thursday evening other than going to Tequila or Mission? Now the spell of Fresher’s has broken and the deadlines are looming, enjoy some comedic delights at The Library pub, Woodhouse Lane.

The quality of comedic talent is well established at The Library, with the likes of Lucy Porter and Jonathan Mayor (as seen on ‘Mock the Week’) who charm the audience with their witty humour and deadpan delivery. Despite the notion of being a female comic, Lucy Porter isn’t a man hating lesbian but pokes fun at the ordinary, family-orientated things in life that get us laughing. She may be short in height but not in comedy!

You definitely get your money’s worth when Jonathan Mayor makes his entrance, middle and exit. Mayor is an attention-seeking performer and toys with the audience’s hesitant ‘middle class’ reactions to racial-related jokes, but they quickly dissolve and he sets the crowd at ease. Combined with his use of double entendre, Mayor gives light to his sardonic views of life.

However, don’t be put off by the compere, Sam Avery. Whilst he isn’t necessarily funny, if you’re the one who walks in late, or noticeably on a date, or have the loudest laugh, he will challenge your level of embarrassment and you will certainly be in the firing line of his jokes.

The House of Fun comedy night has consistently proven to be perfect weekday entertainment. Nothing tastes better than the word free, and with every advance ticket you get a burger and a beer in tow. You can either begin the night with this downstairs before the comedy show or even redeem the offer another time- perfectly apt for the student lifestyle.

At only £6 adv/£7 otd, House of Fun proves good value for fun, food and frolics.


Marysia Korzeniowska

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