Interview:: Sue Denim

Sue Denim made her initial impact on the music scene as one half of electro- cult band Robots In Disguise. Famously appearing on bizarre comedy show ‘The Mighty Boosh’ the band gathered a substantial following of electro loving teenagers, always sporting UV paint. Sue has now decided to try going solo, not only with a new album ‘And the unicorn’ but with a brand new genre. Sue Denim describes her sound as ‘nostalgic pop’ and has been described as similar to Robert Wyatt, and reminiscent of a female Syd Barrett. Her laid-back folky style has attracted new fans, and new critical acclaim. After being part of a band for 10 years and making 4 albums as a duo Sue Denim says she feels “very lucky” that ‘And the Unicorn’ has been so well received. Live music is incredibly important to her, both seeing gigs and playing them. Denim described her live gigs as: “such a good feeling, the sense of connection with the audience. It’s indescribable… a fantastic, intense experience.” With an artist so adaptable and flexible to different styles and genres, and a love of performing Sue Denim’s gigs promise to be captivating. So listen up Nation Of Shopkeepers, she has always wanted to play there. Her writing has been influenced by her diverse travels, living in London, Berlin and now rural Wales. Her newfound creative freedom has led to a newfound love of the quiet countryside life, recommending that on a holiday to Bangor “bring plenty of books and a guitar, some solid walking boots and an umbrella! I would recommend walking up a mountain or two and breathing the beautiful fresh air! And don’t expect a nightlife!!!” In the future Sue has promised another solo album, more gigs and a possible return of Robots In Disguise in the near distant future. Sue Denim And The Unicornis out now. 


Words: Jocelyn Cheek

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