Unicycle hero praised online


A mysterious figure has attracted campus-wide appreciation of late.

You may have glimpsed a flash of his flaxen ringlets as he cuts his way through the campus crowds. If so, you will have noticed his unusual and, some would say, superior, mode of transport – the unicycle.

Quickly becoming a figure of urban legend, ‘Unicycle Boy’ has attracted so much attention there is now a Facebook group set up in his honour.

The group states: “Unicyclists are a dying breed. One valiant rider is mounting a counter offensive against the two-wheeled tyrants. One man and his wheel against the world.”

The “Lupton Unicycle Boy Appreciation Society” group has garnered nearly 1,000 likes on Facebook, and a following of dedicated supporters.

Sightings of the legendary man are few and far between, so fans have taken to recording them: “Yesterday, at 16.15, I saw his holiness enter the back gates of Lupton without dismounting his valiant steed once. I nearly fainted.”

Reams of photos, videos and comments have granted him great fame, but the bashful hero still shuns the limelight. Leeds Student asked him for a comment, but much like Top Gear’s ‘The Stig’, his identity will remain veiled ‘neath the visor of his helmet.

Words: Ellie Parkes

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