Oarsome Foursome!


Last Sunday, Leeds University Union Boat Club (LUUBC) took part in the York Small Boats Rowing Event. There has been a lot of excitement brewing about this race within the club.

As the first of the year it is a chance for them to see how all the training has really been going. The club has had its set backs with bad weather halting the number of outings they can have but their performance on Sunday proved that all their immense hard work paid off. However as always in the club there is more work to be done.


Despite heavy rain on Saturday night, the river was calm, cool and clear on Sunday morning. Several senior crews were entered in various categories, including men’s and women’s single sculling; a men’s and a women’s coxed sweep 4; and one women’s coxless sculling 4. The races took place throughout the icy morning, although the rowers were greeted by sunshine as spectators overlooked their efforts and cheered them on from the banks of the River Ouse. The rowers were able to warm up over the 3km course by rowing from the boathouse to the start line and turning the boats ready for the start. With marshals along the course, along with spectators made up from the public in York and supporters from the rest of LUUBC, a winning streak was created.


Single sculler Conor Vincent sped to victory in a time of 13 mins 44.2 secs, coming first out of four rowers in his category, including competitors from prominent clubs Durham and York City. Following this success, the first Women’s coxed 4 completed the course in 14 mins 43.5 secs and stormed to victory in their race against nine other crews.

Massive congratulations are due for Stroke – Hazel Pointer; 3 – Tash Wishaw; 2 – Sophie Neal; Bow – Olivia Murphy. Not only this but in the same race, the second boat made up of Stroke – Sarah Baker-Faulkner; 3 – Kat Lloyd Jones; 2 – Alice Stephens-Mayor; Bow – Alice Montrose, completed the course in 15 mins 47.4 secs, coming 5th out of the 10 crews. Sarah Baker Faulkner in the second boat commented “I enjoyed progressing in training so that we got to a point where we could race effectively. It was very challenging but hugely satisfying.”


Overall it was a great performance by both women’s crews and a really promising start from the new senior members for the upcoming competitive year. The men’s coxed crew then put in a fabulous effort in their category. The crew, made up of Stroke – Danny Brownbill; 3 – Chris Greenop; 2 – Chris Pickering and Bow – Jack Dickinson, finished in a time of 12 mins 49 secs and coming third out of seven crews competing. This was a very reasonable performance for the first race of the season, and this crew now have a great foundation for the rest of the year.


Finally, the women’s coxless sculling 4 completed the course with a time of 14 mins 40.5 secs. Although this resulted in taking fourth place out of five crews, this was a particularly tough race, as is evident from the impressive time that the girls achieved. This was a tough day of racing for the crews, but their hard work on the day and in training certainly reaped rewards. With seniors putting in consistent performances and novices looking forward to their first race at the end of this semester, the club’s large and enthusiastic intake this year will hopefully be reflected by imminent successes on the water.

Author: Beth Picott

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