The Eating Out Scout: Mamsy's Thai Cafe

Although Mamsy’s Thai Café is a fairly recent addition to Hyde Park, it has clearly already established itself as a popular choice for many diners. It was full when I arrived on a Thursday evening, with a mix of student couples and groups of friends filling the room, and the appeal of the place was immediately obvious. The staff are friendly, and the fact that they encourage people to bring their own artwork to decorate the walls demonstrates how welcoming and fun the place is. Mamsy’s is quite small but this works, as it feels cosy and intimate, and whilst it was busy we never felt on top of the other diners. Having settled straight in, we ordered some of the Thai classics: vegetarian spring rolls and chicken satay to start (both £3), followed by prawn Pad Thai and a chicken Massaman curry (both £7). The menu offers a wide selection of favourites to kick you off, from Prawn Sesame toast to Vegetable Tempura, and the options for mains are grouped into curries, stir fries, and rice and noodle dishes. The starters were well presented and tasted just as good – the spiced peanut sauce for the chicken satay perfectly complemented the tender chicken. They were also a sensible size, allowing us to do our main courses justice. Despite the minor complaint that the noodles in the Pad Thai were a bit hard, both that and the curry were enjoyable – not ground breaking but for £7 they were great value, and the fact that both plates were left empty speaks for itself. Mamsy’s are more than happy for people to bring their own booze (at just £1 per person) and this is always a good way to keep the price of a meal down without having to sacrifice that glass of wine or bottle of beer. If this doesn’t do it for you, or if you’re feeling too fragile to touch alcohol, then all soft and hot drinks are only £1. The café has struck the right balance between cost and quality; a couple out for a date like we were can enjoy a starter and a main each, as well as their own alcohol for just over £20. All starters are £3, and all main courses with meat or fish are £7 (£6 for vegetarian dishes), yet these low prices really don’t equate low standards of food. We left feeling totally satisfied, and I would be willing to bet that anyone else who tries it will feel equally happy to part with their money. Mamsy’s has really succeeded in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the café deserves to be thought of as one of the best options for dining in Hyde Park. For many students it is right on their doorstep, and the view overlooking the park adds to its charm. It’s quirky and fun (their website even invites those who play instruments to provide live music) whilst simultaneously being sophisticated enough for a date or a more formal evening out.

Words: Harry Day


225 Hyde Park Road


Tel: 0113 2302575

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