Made in Headingley


Fans of E4’s Made in Chelsea were in for a shock last week when the show’s stars paid a casual visit to Leeds.

Several students took to student media to express their excitement at seeing Jamie Laing and Stevie Johnson. Serena Balachandra, a fourth year Politics and Parliamentary Studies student who saw the pair at the German Market, told Leeds Student “they were generally enjoying the beer tent and Stevie was at our table talking to us for a bit. I have a picture with Jamie because he’s my favourite.”

A third-year Civil Engineering student who saw the pair in Headingley said “I was just driving to get some shopping when I noticed Jamie’s stark blonde hair. Once I realised it was him I got my phone out to take a picture because I love the show. It’s pretty cool that he was in Leeds.”

Both stars are alumni of the University, Stevie having studied Business Management and Jamie having undertaken a Theatre and Performance degree. However, Jamie recently admitted the London Evening Standard “The reason I went to Leeds was because I’d fallen in love with a girl and followed her there,” he admits. “We had young love and thought it was going to last for ever. But when I got to university…well, I realised how many other fish there were in the sea.”

The pair became firm friends while students in Leeds where former star Caggie Dunlop was also doing her degree. Made in Chelsea is aired on Mondays at 10pm on E4.

Words: Rehema Figueiredo

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