Style surfing: 4 of the Top Sites For Sartorial Males

The Sartorialist

Perhaps the most famous style blog ever, The Sartorialist pioneered the ‘street style’ phenomenon. The website itself has undergone multiple overhauls since its inception, but at its core, it remains a simple and accessible destination for those exploring off-duty creative fashion. Created by photographer Scott Schuman, the idea behind the blog was (and remains) to facilitate a connection between the glossy, highly produced catwalk shows in the fashion capital cities to people in everyday life. It is perfect for exploring male fashion inspirations, whether you are looking for the most unusual way of styling a three-piece-suit, or you want to find the chicest manifestation of trackie-wearing. It’s all there.


A great way to dip your toes in men’s fashion, GQ is aimed at those who may just want a little bit of guidance when it comes to their wardrobe. It has sections on grooming, dressing and watches to name but a few, showcasing the best options available. One of the best features is the ‘style shrink’, which allows readers to send in their sartorial questions regarding everything from where the best place to get a suit on a student budget is, to whether polo shirts are still classed as chavy. The forum allows readers to provide solutions to their peers’ problems, as well as submitting them to the Style Shrink himself (a guy who, having worked with everyone from Dolce and Gabbana to Kanye West, has the breadth of experience to respond to any fashion crisis).

Scout Sixteen

Founded by young New Yorker Justin Livingston, with an eye for style, scoutsixteen is a great directory for casual urban fashion. Livingston likes to keep it simple, which makes the blog appeal to more than just the fashion pack, while adding quirky twists like braces, hats and bowties. He also likes to mix in vintage pieces and those he has picked up from charity shops, giving his overall look the edge you would expect from a Brooklynite. The blog also highlights his related interests in the world of popular culture, including music, art and photography.

Dapper Lou

A less conventional take on the style blog, dapperlou was also created by a Broooklynite, Lougè Delcy. Delcy encompasses all that his city offers when it comes to gents who like to take a little time in front of the mirror in the morning. The ‘street gents’ section contains a plethora of people captured about town, with a few ladies thrown in to mix it up. A great feature of the site is ‘Lou’s picks’, where Delcy has saved you the trouble of trawling through endless pages of different brands and selected his favourite pieces. It’s particularly helpful as he doesn’t just look at the high-end designers, you’re as likely to see the best winter coat Topman has to offer as you are Gucci’s latest take.

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