10 Tracks You Shouldn't Leave In 2012

With the new year fast approaching, we took a look at some of 2012’s best releases. Some went virtually unnoticed, some were just too good to say goodbye to.!


Exlovers – This Love Will Lead You On
Girl / Boy pop perfectionists’ debut album ‘Moth’ may not have received every bit of glory it deserved, but the album’s first single ‘This Love Will Lead You On’ shows the London 5-piece’s heart aching yet entirely charming pop ability.

Haim – Don’t Save Me
So-called “nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B” girl groups’ sisterly love is definitely filling the girl-power-pop that was left voided after the 90s.

Palma Violets – Best Friend
Hailed ‘Track of The Year’ by NME, Palma Violets’ debut single was the perfect on-the radar release this year. To read our review of Palma Violets at Nation of Shopkeepers, click HERE.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk
Released back in May this year, as opening track of Passion Pit’s excellent album Gossamer, ‘Take A Walk’ might not have been the magnificent comeback single that muso’s may have awaited, yet the unbroken and familiar Passion Pit synth / drum bashing combo is ready to make us dance for years to come. To read our review of Passion Pit at O2 Acamdey, click HERE.

Maximo Park – Banlieue
Following a hiatus that supposedly saved scissor-kicking-trouser-splitting frontman Paul Smith from madness meant that the Park’s comeback needed more of those Maximo-melodies we’d been craving. Perhaps not for the franco-educated (‘Banlieue’ pronunciation practise?), Maximo Park came back just in time to remind us that they’re one of the best British rock bands around. To read our review of Maximo Park at Evolution Festival, click HERE.

The Crookes – Afterglow
If Howler had less American juvenility about them… The Crookes know how to put together a melody that will sure to stick with you. To read an interview we did with The Crookes at this year’s Y Not festival, click HERE.

Splashh- Need It
The perfect song for a bad day (and… for pretty much every day). Forget your need for a film-style sob-along track, and have no cares in the world.

Summer Camp – Life
Summer Camp’s EP Always was like an aging milestone. The duo had grown up, moved away from the Americana-obsessed problematic pop that they were known for and transformed into vampy, dark and threatening disco stars.

Veronica Falls – My Heart Beats
Back in February following a tour of 2011’s self-titled album, Veronica Falls came back with this hazy-retro track.

Chairlift – Amanaemonesia
Maybe it’s time we dropped that twee Apple-controlled image we used to have of Brooklyn duo Chairlift, and credit them for being one of the only bands to successfully melodise such a difficult word. This first release from second album Something might not be the first song you’ll be up singing along to, but there’s no fun in ignoring its electro-pop brilliance.

Words: Charlotte Stones

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