T'is The Season… Our Top 10 Christmas Jumpers For Guys

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T’is the season to be jolly. Comes with that mistletoe and holly— and if you’re lucky, a few other festive fancies on the front of a Christmas jumper. Yes, December is the month when men can lose all inhibitions and style sensibilities through falling victim to Primark and opting for the brightest, brashest jumpers available. Emblazoned with fat Santas or humping reindeers or other ‘festive’ features that make girlfriends and girl friends alike cringe, retailers are reining in the profits (excuse the pun), coining in on Grandma-gift shit chic. A few years back, Grannys’ knits would have been opened on Christmas Day with a contrived smile and a forced ‘thanks’ before being pushed to gather dust at the back of the cupboard. Now, how things have changed. With the hipster revolution, grandsons are pleasing Nanas everywhere as they wear them everyday and need a new one knitting before Easter.

We may sound skeptical but honestly, we’re all for Christmas jumpers. They look adorable (most of the time), they remind us to get festive, and they give you a sort of down-to-earth family man vibe which ranks you higher on our husband ladder. You might as well be wearing a sign on your head that says ‘I’m well dressed and ready to meet the parents”, and really, we girls find that quite endearing. So long as you leave the tacky Santas and crude versions in the stores —and please, nothing that flashes— there are some Christmas crackers to choose from online and on the highstreet. Evolving in to a pretty big deal in menswear this time of year, brands are competing against each other, each and every indie has their own fair isle pattern, there’s even a separate section for ‘Christmas Jumpers’ at most e-stores.

Helping you navigate through the minefield of bargain Christmas shoppers, superfluous Yuletide tat and nightmarish Briggate queues, here’s our top 10 knits for the season. From the extra-festive to the subtle redfleck, note, nothing crude, no flashing lights, and no need to step foot in Primark.

Superdry Blue Apres Knit, £55, available at Ark.

Selected Fairisle Knit, £24, available at Asos.

Ted Baker Crewneck Knit, £89, available a Ted Baker.

Shore Leave Red Crew Knit Sweater, £60, available at Urban Outfitters.

Topman Blue All Polar Bear Jumper, £32, available at Topman.

White Mountaineering Fair Isle Wool Sweater, £360, available at Mr Porter.

Le Fix Knitted Jumper, £95, available at Asos.

Jack & Jones Fairisle Print Jumper, £48, available at House of Fraser.

Topman Monochrome Triangle Pattern Jumper, £32, available at Topman.

Gap Fairisle Crewneck, £30, available at Gap.

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