Style resolutions to stick to in 2013


Every year with out fail we make New Year’s resolutions. Usually ridiculous and unachievable, they’re more often than not broken by the time February rolls in. Alas, my aim to avoid relying on caffeine fell through on January 3rd.  Instead of dwelling on the fact that you had a sneaky cocktail in your month of sobriety or snuck a chocolate digestive under the strain of revision, here are some new year’s style resolutions to can actually aim to stick to. Forget dieting and cleansing the soul, 2013 is the year to be chic.


Make a Statement

Let accessories do the talking. The highstreet is awash with killer accessories and statement jewellery. Update any outfit by adding a statement necklace or a striking pair of earrings. Next time you go out, try updating your look with accessories instead of a new outfit.

Get edgy

For some of us, 2013 might be the last year as a student and its fair to say some style ideas won’t work in the ‘real world’. Before you have to commit to a skirt suit or dare I say it, kitten heels, explore the things you can still get away with: leather leggings, disco pants, an extensive sneaker collection…

Quantity > Quality

Avoid Primark; invest in classics instead. By spending your money more wisely on carefully considered wardrobe staples, prepare to say adios to wiggly seams, one-time wears, and cheap synthetic tat. Swing by Whistles and French Connection for chic staples and effortless, spot on style.

Stop impulse shopping

This leads on from the point above and reiterates the importance of avoiding Primark. Don’t let “but it’s so cheap” slip out of your mouth in shops and you’ll be amazed at how much junk you save yourself from. Try the ol’ ‘if I still want it tomorrow’ trick. Chances are, you won’t.

Match your lingerie

Some of you might have the organisational skills to do this already whilst the most of us well, just don’t. Let 2012 mark the end of laundry excuses and work on mastering style from the inside out.

Make the most of menswear

We’re not talking sweatpants and boyfriends’ hoodies. Think crisp shirts, oversized jumpers and male overcoats. Knits should be super-fine and slouchy, shirts can be worn to peek out underneath and outsized coats can be drawn in to a nipped waist with a belt snuck from his closet. Master androgyny with the real deal.

(Image courtesy of H&M)

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