February Previews

Now that exam season is finally over and the new year is in full effect, it’s time to enjoy one the club scene’s best and busiest seasons. We’ve put together a small selection of some of our top picks from the many exciting nights in Leeds over the next week.

dilation feb 13Dilation
Who:Zed Bias, Oxide & Neutrino, Maribou State
Where: Beaver Works
When: Friday 1st February, 11pm – 5am
Price: £6

Dilation has consistently proven itself as one of the most dependable nights for bass music in Leeds, always sporting a strong lineup, with recent bookings including DJ EZ, Fis-T and DJ Luck & MC Neat. This Friday the Dilation team will continue their tradition of bringing in a few classic UK garage legends, this time featuring Zed Bias and Oxide & Neutrino. Bias shouldn’t just be reduced to veteran status however, with recent releases on Swamp 81 and Broadwalk proving his relevance today. While the same can’t exactly be said for Oxide & Neutrino, their Casualty theme sampling classic ‘Bound 4 Da Reload’ is cherished by pretty much everyone, guaranteeing a few special moments when it undoubtedly goes off. (It will definitely get da reload.) Although the first, second and third releases have all sold out, Dilation have thankfully released a final batch of 180 tickets, so get on it if you’ve not yet got!

Who: Danny Byrd, Shy FX, London Elektricity,
S.P.Y., Nu:Logic, Wookie, Champion, Preditah,
Om Unit
Where: O2 Academy
When: Friday 1st February, 10pm – 6am
Price: £17.50
Run by popular drum & bass label Hospital Records, Hospitality return for the new year with another gigantic lineup for their next night at the O2 Academy.  Much of the core label roster feature, such as Hospital boss London Elektricity, uprising producer Danny Byrd, as well as the combined force of Nu:Tone and Logistics, now performing together as Nu:Logic.  There will also be welcome appearances from a few of the old school heads, with Shy FX and TeeBee (performing with Calyx) joining the fold too.  However, the non-D&B alternative room is arguably the better option for tonight, featuring an exciting and eclectic lineup.  This includes possibly the grime scene’s finest beatmaker today, Preditah, as well as UK funky producer Champion, whose ability to smash up the dance has not gone unnoticed.  And although you can never be sure what you’ll hear from a UK bass DJ, you can probably expect some mad jungle and footwork mashups from the forward-looking Om Unit.

horizonHorizon Festival Launch Party
Who: Martyn, Boddika, Jackmaster,
Silas & Snare Surgeon, Aartekt
Where: Mint Warehouse
When: Saturday 2nd February, 10pm – 6am
Price: £12
But if you’re looking for a night with a massive lineup and that big warehouse vibe, but you don’t want to fork out close to 20 quid this weekend, the Horizon launch party might be for you.  Horizon is a brand new festival, taking place in Bulgaria this March and featuring an Outlook-esque lineup of mostly UK bass and house DJs.  For the launch party we’re given dutch DJ and producer Martyn and Swamp 81 badman Boddika in Room 1, so you can expect plenty of dark and hard techno and electro given their recent output.  Meanwhile the Vagabondz hosted Room 2 will see Jackmaster take over with an extended 2 hour set.  Even given 1 hour, Jackmaster has been known to jump from ghetto house to garage to hip-hop and more, so you can be sure to expect plenty of variety from the Glaswegian party starter on Saturday.  Completing the lineup are a plethora of talented local DJs, including Leeds Uni students Wachs Lyrical, Robert Cary and Ilghazi.



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