Pints reduced to £2 in union bars

Pint_of_GrolschUnion Affairs officer Anthony Haddley has finally succeeded in his election promise to bring the £2 pint to Union bars. The new pricing came into effect earlier this week, with Mr Haddley tweeting a picture of his first £2 pint on Monday evening.

The Terrace and Old Bar are serving pints of Tetleys, Carlsberg and Gaymers cider for the new price, while Grolsch and Newcastle Brown Ale will still set big spenders back an extra 50 pence.

In his election manifesto Mr Haddley wrote: “at a time when we’re finding it harder to get by on our loans, I believe the Union has a responsibility to be more affordable for its members”.

Further to the £2 pint deal – which is available between 5 and 9pm Monday to Saturday – the bars now offer fruit juices and J20s for £1 each. The Old Bar and the Terrace have launched a “2 dine out for £10” deal, where two main courses and two drinks will cost you a tenner.

Speaking to Leeds Student, Haddley said:  “Our Student Advice Centre will help with you budgeting and be there in times of crisis, but I know saving money means more than just that. It means still being able to have a laugh with your mates and enjoying yourself in our bars, even if you only have a couple of pounds to spend.”

Words: Isabel Alderson Blench

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