February 14th Faux Pas


Love is in the air…’least for some it is. It’s that time of year again and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. (Cue the single ladies’ sighs and Beyoncé on repeat). Let’s face it, if you’re in a relationship then you’ll most probably have the rose petals bought and Marvin Gaye on standby, and if you’re not, you’re preparing to hide those feelings of bitterness inside a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (kinda’ depressing, we know). Year in, year out, the shops try to tug at our heartstrings, selling us all sorts of sexy miniskirts and saucy lingerie too elaborate for us to sport any other night of the year. Girls in relationships will spend more money on matching lingerie than on groceries for a month, and the single girls will throw pounds on new dresses, new shoes and new seductive perfumes. Whether you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with a hot date, having a night out with the girls, or sat alone at home attempting to eat your bodyweight in ice-cream, here are our three fashion fails to avoid this Valentine’s:

Dress OTT

If you haven’t got a date this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing to worry about. February 14th is just another day, right? If you’re planning a big girls night out, then there’s one thing that to must steer clear of:  dressing over the top. There’s a fine line between looking good and looking plain desperate, and Valentine’s Day tends to see a lot of the latter. Short skirts and bandage dresses covered in sequins and diamantes will just blind Mr Right, making him run away instead of running towards you. Choose an outfit that says ‘effortless and amazing’ rather than one which shouts ‘look at me’.

Dress too revealingly on a first date

It’s the night of the 14th, you’re getting ready to go out with a guy you’ve only recently met, and you still haven’t answered the question that’s been looming all week. What the hell to wear? First things first, do not – we repeat do NOT – show too much flesh. No-one wants to be a cheap date. Stick to the philosophy of ‘more is less’ and leave a lot for the imagination. A midi-length dress is more appropriate than one that barely covers your butt cheeks. This way you’ll look classy AND on trend – score!

Take him shopping as a fun date

With the exception of those men who enjoy shopping (we salute you!), we’re pretty sure most men wouldn’t  want to spend Valentine’s Day traipsing down Briggate whilst you shop to your heart’s content. We are in no way, shape or form criticising the wonderful thing that is, ah, shopping, but V-Day is meant to be for you and your beau. Him moaning and you spending all day in the fitting room isn’t really the most romantic thing to do. If you’re in a relationship, we suggest putting your love for shopping on hold for just one day.

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