Preview: Twilite w/ Ill Phil

twilite ill phil



Who: Ill Phil, Jamie Duggan, Milner/Wilko
Where: Stinky’s Peephouse
When: Saturday 16th February
Price: £5

Run by Sheffielder and niche pioneer Jamie Duggan, Twilite was formerly a great bassline/speed garage night, but since its successful rebirth last Summer it’s been pushing the fresh and exciting sounds of bassline’s younger and groovier cousin, jackin house.  Taking place every Saturday at Stinky’s Peephouse, this week’s instalment is set to feature jackin man of the moment, Phil Dolman, better known as Ill Phil.
Ill Phil’s distinctive contributions to the jackin sound have not gone unnoticed, with his signature fusion of jump up electro elements with garage and bassline catching the attention of ravers all over the country (or at the least the North.).  Phil is more than just a producer however, having DJ’d for over 10 years, so you can be sure to expect the best from him this Saturday.  Check out his recent mix for Certified Jackin to get an idea of his sound circa 2013.
Support comes from Twilite regular Milner, as well as Jamie Duggan.  LS Tip: Get you and your mates’ names down on the Facebook event page and guarantee free entry before midnight!

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