Music: This Week In Singles – Toploader / Rita Ora

toploaderToploader – ‘Turn It Around’ (Underdogs Music)

Oh dear Lord. I thought we’d passed legislation to prevent this sort of thing. ‘Turn It Around’, a comeback single anticipated by exactly nobody, is just like 2002 had never happened. Not that there’s anything actually wrong with the song – it makes pleasant noises in all the right places – it’s just that it’s so arse-achingly dull that even Keane would turn their noses up at it. And in many ways that’s the worst crime of all – predictability.



Words: Ed Biggs


RitaOraRadioactiveCFRita Ora – ‘Radioactive’ ( Roc Nation, Columbia)

Rita Ora’s latest track is best enjoyed hot, sweaty and with a handful of VKs; ‘Radioactive’ is written purely for the clubs, a stomping and punchy euro-dance number in which she instantly commands ‘palms to the sky’. It’s the greatest song when you’ve had maybe one too many but also disappointingly the kind of track that is socially unacceptable to be listen to through your own headphones.



Words: Dom Edge


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