Hockey heroines in Channel challenge

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A group of girls from the University’s Hockey team have completed a gruelling swim, equivalent to the distance of swimming across the English Channel.

The 10 volunteers, downed their sticks for goggles at The Edge, each swimming 136 lengths (6.8km) to raise money for charities including Epilepsy Bereaved.

The swim was dedicated to team-mate Emily Sumaria who passed away in December. The swim was organised by Hockey Community Secretary Charlie Sansome, who supported the knackered swimmers, fetching much needed drinks and energy boosting bananas. She said she hoped the event would raise £1,500. Combined with a Charity Race Night later that day the Hockey team managed to raise an impressive £1,838.27.

The team was divided into two sets of five, starting with Ella Rothwell, Hannah Wint, Katie Gilkes, Tilly Kersley and Alice Keane. As the first set finished, the second group took over comprising of Rosie Adkins, Katherine Liver, Emma Blair, Kirsty Greaves and Emma Hilton. Liver, who completed the swim in a staggering time of 59 minutes, said, “It was pretty tough, but I consider myself an athlete, so I had to perform to the best of my ability.”

Fellow swimmer and second year Communications student Alice Keane finished in an impressive 62 minutes. Speaking to Leeds Student, Keane commented that “it was really tough but there was such a good atmosphere. We all pulled together for Emily and we had so much support from all our friends and family”

The swim is just one of a number of “Challenge for Champions” initiatives including another group of players taking on the Three Peaks Challenge later this year. The team have also started a ‘Helping Hand with Hockey’, which encourages students to coach in local schools. In total LUUWHC hope to raise over £4,000 for charity.

Words: Joe Bookbinder

Photo: Lucy Anderson

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