Sesame to close

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Sesame, the Japanese food shop in the Union, is to close down.

Students have expressed their dismay at the shop’s closure, with one condemning it as “an absolute travesty.”

Second year student Hasell McCosh said, “It’s a huge shame; whenever I buy lunch, I always have something from there!”

Union Affairs Officer, Antony Haddley, said: “So long! And thanks for all the sushi.”

In a statement, Haddley confirmed that the shop’s status as an external company meant that “the Union has no part in Sesame’s decision to close.”

It has not yet been announced what is to replace Sesame, but English student Ellie Parkes said “I hope it’s not something like Greggs.”

The Union encourages any students with thoughts or suggestions about what should replace Sesame to get in contact.

Store manager Phil Casey said: “The Union staff have been fantastic with us over the past couple of years. It was completely on our end, we just couldn’t keep going.”

He continued: “It’s not something we’ve come to lightly, we’ve been trying to work out different ways of managing, but unfortunately this is what we’ve had to come to. It’s been quite sad.”

Those still needing their daily fix of California Rolls or Teryaki Salmon can still visit Sesame’s outlet on St. Paul’s Street.

Sesame will close its shutters for the last time on March 15.

Words: Max Bruges

Photo: Leo Garbutt

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