9am: Simone Rocha


“Respect your elders’ was the message at Simone Rocha, who’d taken inspiration from her grandmothers for Fall. One Irish and the other Chinese, the collection offered an eclectic selection, spanning a Pepto-Bismol colour palette with powdery pinks and dusky nudes, and brighter hues of bubblegum.

Beautiful it was. Ladylike too. Silhouettes were revolved around cropped-leg suits and classic knee-length skirts, but it wasn’t just a rehash of history. Instead, Rocha achieved a new-world type of timelessness, with neoprene for tailoring and sparkly tweeds for evening options.

Yes, fabrics were modern whilst shapes were classic, but ultimately it was fresh and current. Historical elements came through with bustles on skirts, but were given the 21st Century treatment with asymmetry and dropped below the hip.

Testament to all that, veiled headdresses wound into hair nests, glittering brogues and leopard fur skirts supported the neo-classic collision.

Proud Daddy and designer himself, John Rocha sat front row and looked full of parental admiration as Simone came out to take a bow. As you would be when the collection was cast on the family DNA.”

Words: Alice Tate

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