Two arrests in Lupton drugs bust

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Police have carried out a drugs bust at Lupton halls of residence.

The incident took place at approximately 9:40pm on Sunday February 24, after University security informed Police that they suspected students were taking drugs on site.

Two 19-year-old females were subsequently arrested for possessing Ecstasy and Cannabis.

One first year Lupton resident told Leeds Student he was unsurprised by the events: “Lupton has always been known as one of the ‘party residences’ for first year students and it is hardly surprising that drugs have been found.

A University spokesman said, “As our policies clearly state, the University has a legal responsibility to ensure that it does not allow its premises to be used for illegal drug activities, and we do our utmost to prevent this. We have a strict policy against drug use in our residences and our contracts make it clear that drug use or supply within our residences is prohibited.”

They added, “Any matter involving illegal drugs will lead to action under the General University Disciplinary Regulations and will usually be reported to the police. There is no maximum fine for these offences and penalties can include being asked to leave the University.”

Matt Guy, police liaison officer for the University, warned of the consequences of having a criminal record for the possession of illegal substances. “Receiving a caution for any drugs offence can have a serious impact on your life. A caution for a Class A drugs offence (i.e. cocaine, ecstasy etc.) is treated very seriously by potential future employers and the governments of countries you travel to. Trying to get a job with any authority, legal profession, working with young or vulnerable people can be stopped by such a caution and at the very least could lead to uncomfortable questions in all your future job interviews.”

He added, “if you have to apply for a visa to visit a country, criminal convictions (or even just arrests) are usually asked about on the form. They won’t care about the amount of drugs involved, your fine, not having done jail time or anything else – basically just yes or no.”

Words: Rehema Figueiredo
Image: Becki Bateman

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