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As fashion enthusiasts and retail-junkies alike, we’re the ones walking down Briggate daily, quizzing the construction men on opening dates and store gossip, causing our excitement levels to bubble. For those of you who don’t know, we’re talking about Trinity- the major shopping centre that’s been brewing behind the back of M&S for years, set for its big unveil on March 21st…AND THAT’S JUST 3 WEEKS AWAY.A £350m development, Trinity is set to bring big business to Leeds. Evolving as a shopping ‘experience’, the 1 million square foot space will be more than just stores. Besides the exciting arrival of Hollister, Apple, Victoria’s Secret and Mango, expect restaurants, food trucks, cocktail bars, a cinema, sculpture, street performers and bounds of interactive technology. That’s a lot to fit in under one giant roof.

Upping the ante on our anticipation levels, last week we were lucky enough to take a tour of the site ‘Site’ being no understatement. Cloaked in high-vis jackets, hard hats and steel-capped boots, we took a peek at the goings-on. Victoria’s Secret is set to be 3 units big, Primark will be 3 storeys high; and Apple and Hollister have both secured pride of place lets. Say hello to late night shopping and goodbye to student loans.

On the upper floor, the Everyman cinema is being luxuriously furnished, whilst across the walkway, the cocktails are already brewing in barrels for The Alchemist’s roof-top bar. Who said Leeds wasn’t classy?

If you’re looking for diversity, Trinity has you covered. Showcasing the best local and national cuisine, Trinity Kitchen takes on a unique approach, with pop-up food traders circulating each month. With a continual indoor-outdoor feel thanks to the glass-roof and wall-free structure, prepare to get your ramen fix with an open-air view, as Wagamama will include an outdoor balcony that lets you look out on to Briggate. Noodles with a view, we like it.

From fast-fashion to Hollister models, to gourmet dining experiences, Trinity is set to reshape the city. March 21st – stick it in your diary, cancel your appointments, book your train back to Leeds- it might be Easter break, but you have to be there.


Words: Alice Tate




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