Rugby star Danny Cipriani hit by bus on campus

Rugby star Danny Cipriani has been hit by bus on campus while out on an Otley Run with team mates.

One bystander told Leeds Student on the scene: “it was like a film, [the bus passengers] were all shook up and screaming.”

The incident occurred at around 9pm last night on Woodhouse Lane, between the Parkinson building and Halo.

A passenger who was on the bus that hit Cipriani, Erin Bailey, told Leeds Student: “I saw him go in front of the windscreen, but I didn’t see him running out but we could see them before that running in and out of the road”.

Multiple police cars attended the scene where Cipriani was treated for concussion. He was then taken away in an ambulance.

Eyewitnesses say that he was part of a group doing an Otley run pub-crawl with some of his rugby team mates, and was hit by the bus as he crossed the road to join his friends.

Ellie Parkes, Leeds Student’s News Editor, arrived at the crash immediately after it happened. She said: “the front was really smashed up. The scene was quite chilling, his friends were all there by the ambulance still in fancy dress, not really knowing what to do. According to a lady I spoke to, minutes before they were all drunkenly running about in the road.”

Leeds Student understands the 25-year-old star spent the night in hospital where X-rays and scans were carried out.

Cipriani’s manager told The Sun “He’s obviously in pain. He was running across the road and just misjudged the speed of the bus.”

Several students tweeted during the evening that they had seen the star at several of the pubs on the Otley Run, with one commenting that the group seemed “extremely drunk” and “louder than usual”.

The Sale Sharks fly-half has seven England caps and is currently dating model Kelly Brook.

UPDATE: Danny Cipriani has been released from hospital, according to reports. He was treated for a concussion at the scene and subsequently kept in hospital overnight on Wednesday for X-rays and further checks.

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