Festival Preview: Insomni-Fest 2013

insomnifest13Insomni-Fest 2013
Where: Beaverworks
When: Sunday 5th May
Who: Alexis Raphael, Julie McKnight, Tom Zanetti, Tom Garnett, Ko Kane, Cause & Affect, Graham Dixon, Francois, Mark Longbottom, Billy Kenny, Corrupt, Midas T, SAS, DJ Browny, DJ Jordz
Price: £20 / £40 (V.I.P.)

Curiously there’s been a few nights billed as “Insomni-Fest 2013” this year already, but while the next instalment of Insomni-Fest may be nothing more than a glorified day party, the event is still exciting and ambitious, consisting of five arenas and incredibly over 40 artists set to play, serving as an early primer for those excited for the bigger festivals later in the year.

Taking place this Sunday (May 5th), each arena is given a slightly cheesy but charming name in typical Insomnia style, and each is dedicated to a different style, with categories including House, Underground House, House of All Kinds, House Classics and Deep House. So basically just house music, and lots of it. The big name headliners are Hot Creations associate Alexis Raphael in the “Forbidden Forest” as well as 90’s house music diva Julie McKnight performing live in the “Blue Basement”.  However, it’s the “Wacky Warehouse” that’s got us really excited, which features Tom Zanetti, Ko Kane, Cause & Affect and many other jackin house icons familiar to fans of Insomnia.  Tickets are on sale now for the reasonable price of £20.

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