Dance | Just As We Are

bgroup's Just As We Are, photo Mark Vessey

5/5 stars

The Northern School of Contemporary Dance

April 26


‘One of us, two of us…all of us’, three sections, five dancers and one powerful show, choreographed and directed by Ben Wright. Often referred to as the Bgroup, the collective performers successfully took the audience on an emotional, critical and thoughtful journey from the beginning till the end.

With the first section of the performance focusing primarily on ‘one of us’, the individual, each figurative movement, each lengthening of the bodily form set the narrative into motion. Leading towards the entitled second section ‘two of us’, the minimal use of lighting, music and performers created an atmosphere that encouraged viewers to adopt the role of the voyeur, observing and entering into a private realm that evoked viewers (namely me) to leave the domed Riley theatre with a slightly glistened eye.

To enter and experience this show is to become part of the ever-lasting journey of the creative arts

In the third and final section of the performance one can safely say that the performers not only led viewers towards the unexpected, but quite literally off the edge and surface of their seats, with 3D glasses, disco balls and confetti consuming the stage, the overall show not only left viewers with a few extra steps for their personal dance repertoire but also with a sudden urge to dance the night away. Using words to evoke thought, music to perpetuate emotion and choreography to tell a tale, one can simply say the show successfully reflected the role of the arts in physically expressive and creative minds.

Whether as an artistic performer or part of the audience, this dialectic relationship becomes an integral part of the totality of performance. To enter and experience this show is to become part of the ever-lasting journey of the creative arts.


words: Diandra Natalegawa

photo: Mark Vessey




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