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SassoonWe think we get our hair. And then we wake up to yet another bad hair day. Fortunately, that dishevelled, bedhead look goes hand in hand with laidback student lifestyles and late morning lectures. When we’re not just brushing backwards to compete for the Biggest Top Knot on Campus Award, it’s en vogue in Leeds to hide it under a snapback or tuck it into a fluro beanie. Sadly though, with graduation comes the realisation that those solutions are no longer appropriate. Whether it’s internships of grad-schemes you’re going in to, chances are a more professional aesthetic is appreciated. (That means bye-bye backcombing.) Alas, we have no ideas how else to style our tresses.

In search of wise words, we stopped in at Sassoon Salon, to chat with stylist, Lee Nunn, on how to transition out of our student bubble and into the real world, without fawning to conventional, “professional” updos. Be it a brand new bob or a simple trim, Sassoon offers students a flat rate of £35 – a generous chunk off the standard £60 – so now’s the time to make the most of it whilst you can and sort out your “see you later studenthood” image.

The Clean Up and Cleanse

How do we instantly revive our hair after a heavy weekend of abusing it with backcombing, hair spray and welded in jelly shots? A rejuvenating chemical cocktail perhaps?

“The ultimate solution here is optimising its condition and removing any dead hair. Make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that suits to your hair type. Rich Clean by Sassoon Professionals will help prime and cleanse thick/ normal hair types, whilst Pure Clean will nourish finer hair without weighing it down.

(If you’re getting greasy roots by the end of the day or struggling with unmanageable blow-drys on a morning, chances are your hair care is wrong for your hair type. Come into the salon for a consultation, and a recommended regime for you.) Always do two shampoos using the palms of your hands to massage the product gently into the hair,  and follow using a light conditioner to seal in the moisture. Contrary to popular belief there is nothing wrong with washing your hair every day; if the products are of good quality it actually is better to cleanse on a daily basis.

Fill a hungover day with an Instant Ritual or luxury treatment in-store, that will help revive neglected hair, feeding it with essential nutrients and proteins to make it supple and revitalised. Taking home the Precision Clean by Sassoon Professional will maintain the health the hair and leave it soft and free flowing. Used with the Intense Restore treatment, it will cleanse the build up of products from the week and nourish the hair after a weekend of little sleep!

Finally, instead of relying on hairspray, opt for a haircut that supports itself. Hair should move rather than be glued in place. And if you want volume, ask for it to be cut into the hair rather then having to use products to provide the finish.”


The Tidy Top Knot

How do we achieve a tidier and more professional looking top knot, with just as much volume as the “yes, it was a heavy night” backcombed bun?

“Start by prepping towel-dried hair with Heat Shape by Sassoon Professional. This will protect the hair from heat and also add a bit of grip to the root. Blow-dry the hair using a flatbrush, working it upwards to where your knot will be placed – best done upside-down, keeping the flow of air in the direction of your cuticle to enhance shine!) Next, loosly work your hair into a pony tail securing it with an elastic wrapped in cotton, so to not pull at the hair. Now, start pinning and wrapping your hair around the base of the pony, use kirby grips to secure it the base; the key here is to play with your hair, so you get to know your own hair texture and respond to how it sits, falls etc. Apply Diamond Polish one secure, a weightless serum by Sassoon Professional, to get a high shine and a soft hold.”


The “New You” Cut

Any tips for a successful brand new look – one that won’t leave us baffled as soon as we leave the salon, or wishing our bangs were 2 inches longer?

“A new look doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience. There isn’t a ‘one style suits all’ cut. If your looking for a complete change you’re in safe hands, we offer a personalised, in-depth consultation where we can discuss your restrictions, lifestyle, bone structure, hair type and face shape. That way, we can create a perfectly suitable look that is both individual and practical for you. You also leave with the peace of mind that your hair will be easy for you to recreate at home on a daily basis, in optimum condition too with the recommendation of a personal hair care regime.

A complete revamp isn’t always necessary though. Simply reconditioning or restyling can do wonders too. Repositioning the balance of the hair weight will give a subtle, new spin on your look. Similarly, simply getting to grips with its condition and giving it a good trim and a thorough cleanse will do great things.”

Visit Lee at the Leeds’ Sassoon Salon for a personalised discussion depending on your hair- and mention Leeds Student to take advantage of that £35 student steal. Sassoon Salon,  0113 244 8813, Albion Street, Leeds.

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