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There’s always a wide selection of great films available on Freeview. And seeing as staying in is the new going out, TV presents the ideal opportunity to catch up on what you might have missed in the cinema. Plus, it saves you spending your student loan on DVDs and rentals. Sometimes the choice can be quite overwhelming, so here at Leeds Student we’ve decided to compile a weekly list of the best films on TV. This week we take a trip to Oz, see our jaws dropping at a stunning documentary and rediscover a forgotten Disney classic.


Monday – Anastasia (Film4 17:05)

When thinking of animated films, Anastasia is not usually the first one to come to mind. But this tale of a Russian princess is one of their best. If you are able to suspend your disbelief you will find yourself lost in this magical and wonderful film that is a delight. But if you prefer zombies to princesses, Shaun of the Dead on ITV2 21:00 is perfect for you!


Tuesday – The Lavender Hill Mob (Channel 4 13:35)

Ealing studios are famous for their comedies which stand the test of time. One of their best is The Lavender Hill Mob which is full of great stars including Audrey Hepburn and Alec Guinness in a witty and funny story about a robbery involving mini Eifel Towers! It charms, twists and entertains – everyone will love it!


Wednesday – Clueless (E4 20:00)

Many of you will probably be thinking why Clueless is in this list as it is a silly romantic, girly comedy film. But not only is it one of the first of parodies of classic tales for a female teenage audience, but it is one of the best. This retelling of Emma by Jane Austen is witty, smart, entertaining and good fun that will better your expectations. If you really feel this is not your cup of tea, The Third Man on Film4 at 14:45 is a classic 1949 mystery thriller with amazing cinematography.


Thursday – The Imposter (Channel 4 21:00)

This outstanding documentary tells the story of an American family who took in a French imposter posing as their sixteen year old son who had been missing for three years, despite looking nothing like their son. You will be unable to take your eyes away from the screen as you find yourself absorbed by the drama, tension and thrilling story. It is a story so shocking and unbelievable, you know it has to be real.


Friday – District 9 (Film4 22:55)

This week sees the release of Elysium, the latest from director Neil Blomkamp whose directorial debut District 9 caused waves in the cinematic world. Combing sci-fi with politics, this film is a unique tale that looks at a future world where aliens are forced to live in slums separate from the humans on Earth. Sharlto Copley is breath-taking in the lead role and the tragic story will send you into deep thought as much as the action thrills.


Saturday – The Wizard of Oz (More 4 13:10)

Earlier this year Oz the Great and Powerful disappointed audiences, so now is the time to rediscover the classic Wizard of Oz and get properly lost in the magical world. Films like this are truly unique and so we should treasure them. The songs and story never get old and I cannot think of a better way to spend two hours of my Saturday afternoon than rediscovering the magic.


Sunday – Erin Brockovich (Channel Five 22:00)

Steven Soderbergh has made many decent films, but this drama based on a real story shines as one of his best. Julia Roberts is fantastic as an unemployed single mother who becomes a legal assistant in a case against a powerful company. Inspiring, moving and funny, this is what great drama should be about. To get lost in a beautiful world that shows off the best special effects technology, Avatar is on Film4 at 21:00 – try not to fall asleep it is very long!

– Emily Murray

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