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When he’s not appearing in music videos for Mumford and Sons, Jason Sudeikis has graduated from Saturday Night Live regular to a fully fledged leading man. His last role in Horrible Bosses established him alongside Jason Bateman and Charlie Day as a Hollywood comedy favourite. We’re the Millers reunites Sudeikis with former co-star Jennifer Aniston. Nick Offerman (best known for his hilarious role in Parks and Recreation) and Ed Helms also star alongside Emma Roberts and Will Poulter, who Brits may remember from Son of Rambow.


Yet even such a star studded cast doesn’t manage to propel We’re the Millers from being anything more than a lazy attempt at comedy that will probably fade into obscurity relatively quickly. There are some amusing moments (one of the funniest being the closing credits gag reel) but the film relies often on gross humour for cheap laughs and the story’s predictability is almost painful. It’s really hard to believe this is a film from the same man that wrote and directed Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, which is up there with Old School as proof that comedy in cinema doesn’t have to be independently highbrow.

Unfortunately in this case, all the best parts of the film are revealed in the trailer. Whilst you might laugh at the time, you won’t remember it afterwards. Even so, Aniston manages to be surprisingly likable in her role as a stripper posing as an all-American housewife and Jason Sudeikis is clearly in the awkward career stage Steve Carell had before Little Miss Sunshine, where manufactured comedies are all that seem to be on offer. Sudeikis’ stint on Saturday Night Live has already established him as a comedic talent. It’d be great to see if he’s capable of more.

2 Stars

Hannah Woodhead

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