Preview | No/Gloss Film Festival

An independent alternative to November’s International Film Festival, No/Gloss bill themselves as a DIY film festival dedicated to showcasing new talent ‘free from the restrictions of corporate expectations’. Free from the gloss. Held in Canal Mills, the festival promises a pretension-free plethora of films in any and all mediums. With an emphasis on diversity and fun, they will also be offering up a range of street food, brews and beers to help sustain you through the weekend.

There’s a huge amount of content to choose from, with some of the strongest offerings looking to be from American documentary-makers and European directors. Frankenstorm and The Lower 9 focus on Sandy and Katrina respectively, with one examining the immediate impact of the event and the other looking at how things have (or haven’t changed) for New Orleans’ poorest residents five years down the line. Italy’s Dreaming Apecar promises similar levels of refined sentiment, exploring the relationship between a financially struggling middle aged woman, and the old man she begins to take care of. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Ocho, a spooky Spanish exploration of childhood and family … we think. It’s hard to tell what it’s about but it seems safe to say that if you’re looking for a scare this will be the film for you.

No / Gloss runs from the 19 – 20 October. Weekend tickets are £16.

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