News | Student wins Pointless Jackpot

A third year music student from the University of Leeds won £9,500 on TV quiz programme ‘Pointless’ last Thursday.

In a successful final, Bex Ellis, 21 , and her team mate Greg managed to score below five on all three questions, which were based on the Grand National category. Their final answer – ‘numbersixvalverde’ – hit zero, gaining them the all important Pointless score which resulted in their win.

When asked about the win, Bex said: “We were ridiculously excited to win as we had spent the whole day psyching ourselves out by playing the pointless board game with the other contestants. We were extremely lucky, the presenters were definitely shocked when we won! Unfortunately we didn’t get the money for a while so our first celebratory drink was paid for by Greg’s dad! First thing I did was a Waitrose food shop (got my priorities right) and then bought myself a car.”

When first approached by LS, Bex commented: “This is hilarious, I was even recognised at work today!”

Pointless airs on the BBC every day at 5:15pm and has often taken the lead in teatime ratings. It was also quoted by the Guardian as being ‘TV’s favourite quiz’.

Maddy Keating

(Images both property of BBC Television)

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