News | 'Blurred Lines' song banned by Union

Leeds University Union has taken the decision to ban the song “Blurred Lines” from its bars and clubs.

The move follows the decision from Edinburgh University’s Student Union to ban the Robin Thicke song earlier this month.

The Union’s Education office, Alice Smart, told LS: “I’m proud that we’ve taken the decision to stop playing ‘Blurred Lines’ in our bars and clubs because the song undermines real and dangerous issues around consent. Just because the song has been commercially successful doesn’t mean we have to play it knowing that it offends a high proportion of our students.”

The move has proven controversial with some students taking to the social network to question whether other songs would be banned.


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Others were more supportive of the move. One third year English student told us: “I think that banning it on campus informs students that Leeds is a place that aims to do the exact opposite of “blurring lines” where sexism is involved. The lyrics suggest sexual violence and I am proud to be part of institution that takes those issues seriously.”

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