News | Club closes after fake vodka bust

The popular student club BED has closed after fake vodka was discovered in the club.

BED’s parent company Gatecrasher was forced to cough up £5,000 after West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service confiscated industrial strength alcohol which was found during last year’s Freshers’ Week.

Officers investigating the premises found 656 litres of the spirit, which had ben removed from sale by the club’s manager. Labeled ‘Premium Vodka’, the drink was found to contain chloroform along with a series of other chemicals.

A court case against the supplier of the vodka, an Essex based company called Midnight Tipples, is due to be heard on October 16.

Gatecrasher has admitted that no ABV test was carried out on the vodka, but strongly denied accusations that it was intended for sale. The company asserts the vodka had been subject to an independent taste test and marked for disposal in a storeroom. Gatecrasher also denies that any of the fake alcohol was sold.

BED replaced Gatecrasher in 2011 after a series of repeated violent incidents, including a stabbing. It is believed that police also had concerns over safety in BED.

A spokesperson for BED explained its closure, saying: “The location and configuration of the venue no longer matches with the current management team’s vision for clubbing”, adding that the venue was “too small.” LS believes that the owners of the property have already received offers from potential buyers

Sean Hayes

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