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At this time of year, you may or may not have noticed the influx of fashion adverts appearing on your television and in other forms of media, trying to sell you all that the trendy world has to offer you as the weather gets colder and the days become shorter. What I haven’t seen however, is anything remotely practical for students wanting an Autumn/Winter wardrobe that will endure their stay at university and will not cost an arm and a leg. Of course it is important for some to incorporate an element of style into what they wear and with this in mind; here is Leeds Student’s guide to A/W fashion 2013.

The main statement trends that seems the most apparent are: animal fur/skins, autumn floral, patterns, and pink. If you’re not fashion-minded, have no fear, just read on with an open mind. From rifling through pages and pages of high street store websites, here are a few items that combine this element of chic and practicality:

So, fur. The use of fur has long been a taboo issue in this country and there is no argument as to why, but yet most have no issue wearing leather as it is an inevitable by-product of industrie du boef. Whether we like it or not, fur was frequently seen being strutted down the British runway by models of Tom Ford, Christopher Kane, and Burberry. However, In September’s issue of Vogue, as they examined the trend further, many designers felt it excessive to don any more than a trim of ‘luxury’ which oozes style without boasting.

MEN’S Stone Parka Jacket, River Island, £85


There are a number of cuts of coat in fashion at the moment and one of those is the beloved Parka. It is made of waxed cotton, with a faux fur trim, and so it is a light but effective defence against the wet and the cold. Also, this timeless design is one that never goes out of style for long, and even though £85 may be a little steep for some, it is a good investment that should endure harsh winters for years to come.

WOMEN’S Grey Faux Fur PU Sleeve Jacket, Next, £70


This jacket encompasses two elements that are incredibly popular right now: fur and leather. At first glance it appears to be just a gilet, which never ceases to be a winner among uni student, but then comes with the addition of leather sleeves which add an element of style and protection against non-ideal conditions. The quilted effect, at the top of the sleeves, adds texture that conveys extravagance and good taste. As long as this one isn’t worn when it’s chucking it down, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the comfort of this luxuriously soft jacket throughout your time at university.

Ordinarily, when a person thinks of floral prints, they think of Spring, but this year, it’s all about roses painted the rich colours of the changing leaves and lilies in deep hues of purple and blue, as seen in the sky of a brisk Autumn evening. These lush patterns of flora are highly statement so it’s recommended that simplicity accompanies it, in the form of played-down accessories and faded denim.

MEN’S Sinstar Stay True T-shirt, TOPMAN, £30


The butterfly that features on this shirt may not be a flower, but is depicted very similarly, with wings an aged bronze colour, and high contrasts between the intricately designed front and block black sleeves and back. Made from 100% cotton, this shirt promises to survive many high temperature washes, and should provide both comfort and a look that says confidence and understated suaveness. Having said this, it’s advised you wash it inside-out along with your other colours to prevent any fading or running.

WOMEN’S Jersey Leggings, H&M, £7.99


The colours that emblazon these leggings blend and contrast in equal measure with each-other and epitomise the whole autumn florals look. The navy acts as a canvas to the powder pink and raspberry rose fireworks that draw the eye’s attention and induces the warmth that these rich colours provide. They would look amazing with mahogany calf-high boots, (thigh-highs are taking fashion by storm right now but not for the faint-hearted), and a camel-coloured woolly jumper.

A firm Brit favourite has once again graced its presence now that summer has left us; patterns, patterns, patterns – hound’s-tooth, Prince of Wales tartan, zebra and other animal print, and plaid. Not only are the patterns varied, but also in the way you can wear them. Punk has come back this season and so classic red and black tartan worn with a pair of black Doc Martens, and studded leather would work a treat. On the complete other end of the British style spectrum is prim, proper and preppy in which hounds-tooth is a posh patron’s best friend – clash prints and colour for maximum wow factor.

MEN’S Blue Check Oxford Shirt, River Island, £25


As the name of it suggests, this patterned piece is a must-have for the preppy undergraduate. Checked shirts are pretty versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything, whether you want to button it right up and tuck it in your jeans, or leave it open, flannelled over a casual slogan tee.

WOMEN’S Checked Bralet, TOPSHOP, £25


This bralet, isn’t for those afraid getting their tummy out, unless featured over a crisp white shirt, and is in the alternative tartan colours of purple and grey. This is a very punky interpretation of the tartan trend but can be adapted to look good in a number of looks. When pair with a sharp black blazer, cigarette trousers and pastel court shoes, this racy piece can be made to look sophisticated.

Finally, pink, and be please be assured, it’s not just for girls. From the pastel to the bold, there isn’t a shade that isn’t being highly praised right now. As well as that, pink is colouring everything this season from the hats on our heads to the shoes on our feet – there is no crevice that it won’t explore right now.

MEN’S Chinos in Dark Cerise, H&M, £19.99

hmprod (1)-1

These slim-fit chino made a comeback in the casual wardrobe a few years ago and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. What better way to celebrate their continuing reign in dark cerise. Obviously, as they are menswear, they can’t get away with calling things blush or powder pink, but there are plenty of rosy hues available for the man, unafraid to embrace a colour associated with the feminine.

WOMEN’S Pink Fluffy Knitted Dress, River Island, £45


This acrylic/nylon mix dress may not be made from a luxury material but it sure looks comfy! The great thing about dresses like this is that you can add layers both under and over them, making them incredibly versatile, and helpful, when a t-shirt and jeans just isn’t going to cut it weather-wise. The shade of pink displayed here is the one that appears most frequently across high-street and high fashion and so if you want to be on-trend, this dress is the one to buy.

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