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It’s Freshers’ Week, and you’ve spent the past few days (and nights) drinking, making new friends and establishing the cheapest place to buy vodka. Unfortunately, the combination of a new environment, heavy drinking and an influx of new people (and their germs) has left you feeling a little run down, and the sniffles are kicking in.

This, my friend is the infamous Freshers’ Flu. It’s almost inevitable for most freshers, but with this advice you’ll hopefully be able to stave it off within a few days.

Eat Properly

This should go without saying, but eating enough and getting some decent nutrition will do you a world of good. Making an actual meal rather than ordering from the first takeaway you find and getting some fresh fruit will give your immune system that boost it needs. Also remember to get drinking some herbal teas, plenty of liquids (honey and lemon drinks are a god-send) and stock up on vegetables. Finally although you might think a Red Bull will give you all the energy you need, try to avoid caffeinated drinks as these are diuretics and will dehydrate you.

Sleep it Off

If you wake up one morning feeling particularly grotty, spend the day in bed. Get one of your new friends/housemates to look after you a bit, grab several cups of herbal tea and have a really good rest. If you’re lucky you might be able to persuade some other weary flatmates to have a night in, so take full advantage of this and get an early-ish night.

Tips for Drinking

Drink a pint of water for every two alcoholic drinks and eat a big dinner full of carbohydrates and protein before a heavy night out. For most of us, drinking during Freshers’ Week is inevitable, but try not to shot everything in sight as it will leave you more vulnerable to bugs and make any existing colds worse.

Hopefully, you’ll fend off Freshers’ Flu within a few days, but looking after yourself and keeping yourself healthy will help stave off any more nasty bugs throughout the year. If you still feel grotty after a week or so, head to the doctors, but with any luck, getting into these good habits will keep you strong, and healthy enough to fight off anything you encounter during the year.

If all else fails and you can’t bring yourself to miss a night out then grab a Berrocca and power on through.


Ella Healing

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