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You’ve crash-landed into the mad house that will be your home for the next year and find yourself surrounded by equally giddy freshers itching to shake off their parents and lose their inhibitions just as quickly. All you want to do is get out and get on with the best years of your life.

Your parents want to parade you around Morrisons. While bursting your Fresher’s bubble with grocery shopping may seem like torture, use this time wisely for a decent food stock up courtesy of Dad’s credit card. This first shop will stand you in great stead for the year ahead – so go big.

Having a few key ingredients will allow you to create delightful dishes every time, as well as experiment and adapt dishes based on what you’ve got hidden in your cupboard. Having the right cupboard essentials will make the difference between drab dinners and flavoursome feasts.

Equipment is also really important for a first shop and some gear is vital to creating anything that hasn’t got ‘Findus’ written on it.

A quality chef knife
Spend a bit more than your student head wants you to on a quality 6-8 inch chef knife. You’ll only need the one and over three years it’ll be worth your while! A sharpening stone is also a must if you‘d rather not spend your evenings chiselling away at an onion with a blade as sharp as a Leeds Met student. Once you’ve learnt how to sharpen your knife, everyone will think you’re a cooking pro too.

Speed Peeler
It peels fast, like.

From cheese on toast to parmesan shavings atop your risotto bianco – you’ll need one.

Ladle/serving spoons/spatula
How else will you deliver your culinary greatness from pot to table?

Nicholas Smith

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