Fashion I Club to Style – Fruity


Approaching a night out during the first week can be pretty daunting trying to suss out the student dos and don’ts in terms of dress code. However, with Fruity Fridays in the Union, it’s pretty much an everything goes night. It would be perfectly acceptable to appear in a cute mini dress and heels or for the pro-comfort gal, converse, shorts and a fab graphic tee will also make appearances on the dancefloor. A good night in Fruity will definitely result in some serious shape throwing so heel wearing comes with a disclaimer: great for pictures, bad for crowd-surfing in Stylus.

So a piece of advice from me to you: flats all the way! For fellow lovers of flats, Fruity may be casual friendly but the sticky floor  won’t forgive those flip flops. Daren’t part from your beloved heels? Why not pack some flip-down flats in your roomiest clutch? You’ll be the smuggest of the bunch on the way home.

Emma Clark, Style Editor

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