News | 80 houses left vulnerable to burglars

80 student houses were found to be insecure in the Hyde Park area during a two-hour period.

On September 25, Police officers carried out random checks and found it worryingly apparent that a large number of students had houses that lacked security, despite endless campaigns to raise awareness.

The figure worked out to be that an insecure house was found every 90 seconds. Inspector Ian O’Brien, who heads the Hyde Park and Woodhouse Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “These latest checks show that sadly a significant number of people are still not getting the message about locking doors and windows and being conscious of their home security”.

Charlotte Warner, Leeds University Union’s Welfare Officer, said: ‘It’s important to always make sure your doors and windows are locked, even if you are nipping to the shop or next door.’

The adjacent postcode to Hyde Park, LS13, has been recorded as the most burgled in the UK, topping Bradford and London. The area sees a sharp rise in burglaries during Freshers’ week and recently featured in the Channel 4 documentary ‘Burgled’.

Inspector O’Brien added: “It’s no secret that student houses are prime targets for burglars who know they are likely to find multiple laptops and other valuables within. If they can get in quickly and quietly through an unlocked door or window then they will.”

Charlotte Warner added: “We were able to help reduce the burglary rate by 58% over the past year by educating students on the simple techniques for improving safety and security”.

Colette Armitage

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