News | Dominos worker arrested on campus

A pizza promoter employed by the chain Domino’s, was arrested outside Leeds University Union last week.

On Thursday September 26 the promoter, who was part of the extensive Dominos team deployed to Leeds during Freshers’ week, was approached by PC Matt Guy for swearing loudly.

Despite introducing himself as a policeman for Leeds University campus, the promoter refused to believe PC Guy was acting as a police officer. PC Guy has told LS that whilst swearing is not a criminal offence, he offered the promoter  “words of advice” after he had repeatedly been heard verbally abusing passers by whilst handing out Dominos goodie bags

The promoter refused to admit any wrongdoing in response to PC Guy’s instructions and continued swearing. The Domino’s employee was subsequently detained for obstructing the police

The promoter has argues that PC Guy failed to formally identify himself.

A statement from West Yorkshire police said that the Dominos employee was arrested over a “public order offence” and was consequently ordered to pay an £80 penalty notice

Domino’s employees were banned from campus for the remainder of Freshers’ week.

An onlooker, who wished to remain anonymous, told LS: “The whole thing was very dramatic. When the police put him in an armlock and took him into a car I couldn’t believe it. It was so dramatic.”

It is unclear whether the incident will affect the future relationship between the University and the company.

Fiona Tomas


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