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The latest edition of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise is finally here and it’s safe to say, it was worth the wait. Not surprisingly, the eagerly-awaited GTA V tipped over the one billion dollar mark after just 72 hours of being on sale, illustrating its dominance as one of the industry’s top franchises. However, unlike games like Call of Duty or Fifa, which are churned out at monotonously reliable rate just as the old edition is becoming boring, GTA has taken five years to release what can only be described as a masterpiece.

The storyline is based around three main characters instead of one, which has helped to improve the fluidity of the game enormously. The sheer depth of content is astounding; if the well-constructed storyline doesn’t have you engrossed it will feel like you have an almost infinite list of pursuits to follow. No matter what kind of person you are there will be some part of this game that interests you, whether it’s taking a trip to the local cinema, playing a round of golf, scuba diving or practising yoga, there is a real inclusive feeling about this game that will excite people who aren’t just hell-bent on death and destruction.

Driving, flying, running or swimming your way around Los Santos (a very convincing fictional LA) or the surrounding wilderness have an incredibly cinematic feeling, whilst the interactions that are available with the residences of San Andreas really cement the feeling that the world is an actual living community. GTA V is a preposterously enjoyable video game with its detailed and often humorous storyline, vast array of activities and life-like interactions, but most of all, it is the feeling that no other open world game is even remotely close to its standard that will grip you. If there has ever been a “must-buy” game, it’s this.


Freddie Gray

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