News | Tequila Club Video Promotes Rape

Student club night Tequila has come under fire for a video that condones rape and sexual violence.

A video publicising an event entitled ‘Freshers Violation’ included footage of male club goers describing how a girl was going to “get raped” and that they would “violate” freshers.

Another was recorded saying “Violated is a very strong word, I would say ‘take advantage of someone.”.

The video advertised the night as including “pole dancers, a violation cage and lots of 2nd/3rd years seeking out new freshers.”

It has since been removed from Tequila UK’s YouTube account, following a series of social media comments which branded the video as “disgusting”.

LS has since obtained the uncut audio from the original video, which the paper were later forced to remove following threats of legal action from Tequila UK

Many took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their disapproval:



























A Facebook event for the night suggests that freshers should:

“Lie on the bar, open ur mouths and let someone pour u some TEQUILA-things r gonna get dirrrrty-lets clean these freshers up!!”

The event and video come after several high-profile counter-attacks against ‘Lad Culture’, including the banning of Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines from all Leeds University Union playlists.

LS is petitioning for Mezz to cease hosting Tequila on a Thursday, and urges all students who disagree with their forms of promotion to sign below:

Sean Hayes

Rosanna Pound-Woods

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