Fashion I If money weren't an issue we'd be buying…

Even though student loans have recently graced our bank accounts, we all still remain in an uncomfortable financial position with a consistent diet of baked beans and pasta… oh and vodka of course. However, it’s hard not to pine over all the incredible designer clothes and accessories when London Fashion Week is being thrust in our faces at every opportunity, not to mention the latest Topshop drop which has us all giddy with excitement. With our measly student pennies only lasting us until mid-November (at a push!), our only hope is to drool over the pages of Vogue, wishing for a lovely golden cheque to be posted through our letterbox.

That’s when we got thinking, if money weren’t an issue, what would we buy? First on our list is this divine box clutch bag from Diane Von Furstenberg – the ultimate essential for those fancy evenings sipping cocktails, or a girl’s night on the town. Autumn signals the return of deep reds and textured leathers making this little beauty bang on trend, and big enough to carry your phone and lipstick – bonus! With DVF’s signature gold lips fastening and luxurious leather, it’s tempting enough for us to max out our overdrafts but with a staggering price of £245, I think we’ll stick to the online browsing for now.

Laura Forrest

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